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Napoleon creates open space -
20 years later the construction of our house starts

The history of our house is moving and suspenseful. Ther is much to discover in your Ringhotel, the four-star hotel in the city of Hameln. The history of our house goes back to the year 1808.

Hameln is occupied by the French, Napoleon at the height of his power. Like many other cities in Germany, he also arranges for Hamelin, that the city borders should be fortified. The fortifications are therefore razed to the ground, a bulwark of the city no longer exists. This is the opportunity to extend the city outside the boundaries.

Nearly 20 years later, shortly after the freedom wars in 1827, on a free - area the construction of a modern time prison begins as a castle-like complex in the classical style.

On the initiative of Mayor George Domeier Hameln, who simultaneously worked for the Union of England and the Kingdom of Hanover to George IV from 1820 to 1830 as lord high commisionar, the prison implemented in the Christian sense.


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